Calogero Bonadonna & Silverbon Homes Inc.

The founder of Silverbon Homes Inc., Calogero Bonadonna, has had a lifelong love of building and construction.

He has been in the industry for 28 years, managing many multimillion dollar projects, and making full use of his vast knowledge and management experience. He has specialized in high-end new home construction and home renovation projects in the Mississauga Road area, and high end areas of Toronto, including Hazelton Avenue and Rosedale.

Silverbon Homes is well known for their sense of integrity and attention to detail in all of their projects, and because of this, they have many satisfied customers.

Each project is carefully planned with the customer's needs and wishes at the forefront, as well as taking into consideration the budget, specifications, plans, permits, and time frame. With his experience in the field, he is uniquely capable of closely monitoring the workflow and trades. He has built an excellent base of experienced trades people and constantly oversees that the work being done is consistent with the original plan and the customer's wishes, as well as a high standard of excellence. From the architect to the painter to the interior designer and everyone in between, the sub trades working on each site are experienced and passionate about their work.

The main objective with any project is to build a home that the customer can enjoy on every level, from the moment they enter the driveway, come in their front door, and on into the welcoming living areas, throughout all of which the fine workmanship and customized design makes you feel at home.

If it is your dream home you would like to have built from the ground up, or if it is a kitchen or bathroom renovation you need, he can be there for you.

Everyone should be able to come home to a place that they can be proud of, and Silverbon Homes can help that dream become a reality.